Volunteer Opportunities at the Mountain Grind

Want to be part of the Mountain Grind but don’t want to race? We are looking for volunteers to support the event on Race Day, and to be involved in some event preparation leading up to the weekend. If you have experience with events or just want to find out how you can be involved, please contact us at mountaingrindinfo@gmail.com or use the form on the right.

Volunteers will be invited to the volunteer dinner party.

Volunteer Job List:


  • Put together racer kits with bib, tshirt and sponsors flyers; dinner coupon, etc
  • Help with organizing racers start time
  • Help with building obstacles (carpenter and machines are already available)
  • Clear the trails (weed eating/remove rocks/mark trails)
  • Kids races and games
  • Registration
  • Parking supervisor
  • Entrance person collecting money (donations) and giving out wristbands to paid people
  • Setting up obstacles
  • Mark trail
  • Put up garbage cans
  • Put up water stations (table and chairs)
  • Set up kids games and races
  • Help vendors
  • Sell t-shirts

SAT APR 22nd –

Help to get racers to start line on their start time

  • People at water stations
  • On-site obstacle supervisor at each obstacle
  • Course marshals
  • Garbage pick up
  • On-site help for spectators
  • Selling t-shirts
  • Concession table
  • Kids games: helpers at each game
  • Help vendors
  • Awards
  • Giving out medals/trophies


  • Clean up until everything is clean
  • Take down obstacles